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"A Local Charity with a World Vision"


N.Finite Hands

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N. Finite Hands is building a primary school in West Africa! You can help! 

By contributing to our efforts you're joining our journey to better our communities and world through education and sustainability

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Understanding begins with education. Books are a key resource for building and sharing this education. Find out how we're getting involved.

Help Us Help Others!

Take action in our community by helping us reach our fundraising goals! We have accomplished so much thus far because of each one of your contributions. 


The Concept of

N. Finite


What we possess in our hands is charity and by working diligently to share that to the world, the amount of people we are able to reach is N. Finite! The goal of our organization is to impact communities through education and sustainability. At the forefront of our cause is the commitment to build leaders who will create positive change. Charity isn't a hobby, it is a part of our daily contribution to making a better world!

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